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Now Is the Time for Entrepreneurs

An economic downturn can represent despair and hopelessness for people who are experiencing financial problems. The loss of employment, bankruptcy, foreclosure and other financial catastrophes are happening in large numbers throughout the entire world. As riots are happening in the Middle East and Greece, mass protests are occurring in the United States. Economic problems have caused unease and people are lashing out with frustration. However, the great Albert Einstein lays out hope for people who have the fortitude to take a step out in faith: “In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” This should give rise to hope for people in the midst of an economic recession not seen in recent times. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to innovate, create and seize opportunities when everyone else is scared and afraid.

During a recession, people want to hoard money and resources, as they are afraid of what is being discussed in the news media. Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine encourages people to go on a “news diet” where he says “stop watching the news all day!” The news doesn’t report happy things often. What is being reported are all the murders, calamities and disasters that are occurring on a daily basis. The world has always had problems. The only difference between today and a thousand years ago is that today news travels instantly. We always know what is happening in the world, thanks to a 24-hour news cycle and the Internet. It’s vital that entrepreneurs not become bogged down or distracted by the negative news and instead focus on the positive – building a business, creating wealth and opportunities for their community to seize upon.


Right now is a time of difficulty when competitors are “folding up shop” and running away from owning businesses. People are scared. How should an entrepreneur think? An entrepreneur needs to think, “less competition means a great opportunity to seize market share!” Less companies in competition means that another company will fill that need… Why not YOURS?

Wealth is created by finding a need and filling it. When you can fill someone else’s need and fill it well – you will earn. Some of the world’s best companies have been formed during economic downturns. The Great Depression in the United States created more millionaires than any other time in the history of the country. Who became wealthy? Entrepreneurs that sought out opportunities to buy when everyone else wanted to sell. Entrepreneurs who started businesses while everyone else closed their businesses. The world needs entrepreneurs who can lead the world economy into prosperity. It takes faith, innovation, and creativity to think the opposite of the masses. When the masses are scared is the time to ACT.

Entrepreneurship takes some financial risk – and not everyone is able to make such a risk, especially when money may not be in great abundance. This is an opportunity to find groups of investors to help with your venture. You don’t need to find a wealthy angel investor – find a pool of smaller investors. There are people who want to invest in companies; they just need to find the right company! Network on sites such as LinkedIn.com and EmpireAvenue.com to find investment groups in your area. Find influential business leaders who can provide you with advice. Become a master networker, because as you build a support network of investors and fellow entrepreneurs, you will become a resource for others to come to. As others come to YOU for advice, it opens the door for even more opportunities.

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