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Olives Give You A Healthy Lifestyle

Olives are the fruit from Olea europaea tree, with a mediterranean origin. They are small oval shaped fruits usually have a strong bitter taste and cannot be eaten raw directly picked from the trees. They need to go through a process so that they can be made eatable. Usually they are black and green in color. The color does not really depends on the level of their ripeness. Some stay green from the start to the end, some stay black from start to the end, while there are also some when picked earlier they are green but if given some time to ripe more they become black. Hence, their color has nothing to do with the health benefits and the taste they have been providing us from years. Olives are considered one of the world’s most delicious as well as healthiest food ever.

Olives are full of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and much more along with high amount of energy stored in them. they are very less in calories and actually have the good cholesterol stored in them, they help control the level of bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in our body. Which ultimately prevents the body from many cardiovascular diseases. the biophenols present in olives also helps to keep the blood pressure of the body under control. One of the major elements enclosed in a small piece of olives is the phenolic antioxidants, which are present in olives and olive oils in high amount. These antioxidants have a great power to protect the body from colon, breast and skin cancers. These life threatening diseases have been the reason behind many people’s deteriorating health, stress and anxiety in their lives. The word cancer itself is enough to give shivers in the body as it is widely increasing disease in today’s time, which is actually the result of our bad eating habits. Nature has saved in itself a huge amount of medical benefits and healthy nutrients , all we need to do is realize their worth and add them in our diets and excluding every other life taking foods from our lives.


Olives are a great source of reducing chronic pains of arthritis because it contains a good amount of oleocanthal having anti-inflammatory properties. They have a power of protecting the stomach from ulcers and fight with the bacterias which cause such problems. Olives are a source of iron and hence they have a capacity for the formulation of hemoglobin in the body. Iron is the very important element in the body as it is related with the level of blood. Eating olives will never deficit the amount of blood in your body and hence, will keep you away from many diseases caused due to blood deficiency.

One of the most widely asked questions is that, do olives and olive oils have the same health benefits or not? Although both of them have been labeled as the healthiest things to be added in our diets there are slight differences in them, when compared with each other. Olives are a source of sodium where olive oil is sodium free in nature. It is said that, many polyphenols are lost in the process of making olive oil from the olives while the extra virgin oil which is the purest form of oil extraction still contains them in a sufficient amount. Olives have a small amount of fiber in them also whereas, the olive oil has no amount of it. There may be some beneficial bacterias present in the olives when they are processed through natural fermentation, whereas, olive oil does not contain them. Apart from the fact that they both are interrelated but still there is no point in comparing them as one is the fruit and the other is an oil by nature. One cannot put some amount of olives to cook food instead of the olive oil and vice versa.

No one can ever imagine this much health stored in one small piece of olive. This is the beauty of nature that it has the solution of every problem. From years and years nature is providing us products which should be added in our daily lives but people do not have the sense to know about their worth and are wasting their healths by eating fast food and junk food. Try your best to pick the olives and olive oils which you are sure about that they are authorized and are selling the genuine products. Usually cheap and not so healthy soy and canola oils are mixed in the olive oils and are sold in lower prices, while it is suggested not to buy such mixed items as they are not worth the health benefits you want to have from them. Pay a little more but never compromise on your health. Go for buying olives and olive oils stored in dark glass bottles as they protect the items in them from excessive heat and light.

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