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Online Marketing of a New Brand

A new brand needs to consider a lot more things than the already existing brands need to, while marketing it through internet. One small wrong move and the brand will have to pay heavily for it. Marketing or branding online is one of the newest digital marketing trends and have taken over those traditional and old ways of marketing. The most necessary thing for the brands nowadays is to have an online presence which ultimately means brand awareness among the target market. A general perception has been made that how a brand presents itself online equals to the very first meeting and interaction with the customer. This clearly shows that the effectiveness is innumerable.

Marketing Strategy of a New Brand

The very first step in, developing an online marketing strategy, a new brand needs to understand clearly is that, it should know all the necessary information required about the target customers. What those targeted customers need with respect to what you are going to present them? How those customers like to be approached? Do they like to have a direct interaction or an online advertisement satisfies them? How can the other options/brands in the same industry influence the target customers more effectively than you being the new one? How will you convince the customers to leave the brands they are already loyal to and join you? What new and more value providing products/services you will be offering them? Do your unique ideas and thoughts match the thinking of target customers?

These are some of the questions a new brand needs to ask and answer before developing an online strategy for itself. It becomes really tough and difficult if the new brand wants to directly target a large number of people at once. They should have a realistic and approachable strategy at the start with minimum number of failing chances. Once the brand has established itself in the market and is strong enough to target large audience then they can make changes in the strategies.

When Should a New Brand Start Marketing?

For a new brand to start its marketing campaign no time is too early. In fact, the earlier it is possible the better it will be. Marketing right after the launch of the brand will help in getting the early followers for the brand. This will not only help in giving some special services to those early followers but will also help in spreading the word about the brand. The early customers will stay more satisfied with what you will be offering them as you being new will try hard to give out all the good you have. That good and new experience will automatically convince them to start word of mouth marketing on your brand’s behalf. So, make sure with the launch of your brand you have also developed your marketing strategy and you are ready to implement it on the spot.

A Biggest Mistake a New Brand Can Make in Marketing

No matter you are going for an online marketing or the traditional marketing, one big mistake new brands usually tend to make is long and lengthy messages convincing the customers. Such, boring and bogus marketing messages will never appeal a single customer. People want straight forward and up to the mark words clearly explaining in fewer words what has been offered. So many phrases and words will not only lose their interest in reading but will also portray you as a boring and unexciting brand. Your brand image is what matters a lot while marketing and such marketing mistakes will destroy it badly.

Be precise and creative while choosing the phrases and words to be used in your marketing campaigns. The marketing department should be well aware of the fact that what people will be ready to read and what can be rejected straight away. Conveying the message is without a doubt important but how you are conveying it matters the most.

Do The Brands not Using Online Medium of Marketing be likely to Fail?

The simple one word answer for this question can be “No”. The brands which do not use online marketing are not most likely to be failed but the fact is that they are missing a fragment of reaching the potential customers. Traditional and old marketing techniques have faded out but that necessarily does not mean that they will never work out for the brands.

The most important and critical reason for opting online marketing is the ongoing increase in the number of people using internet as their medium of purchasing. People are busy all day long on their internet based gadgets and are always in search of whatever they want to be available on those gadgets. Online marketing is a fast growing trend and cannot be ignored as people wish to be contacted via medium they can easily communicate with. People nowadays will find it time consuming and tiring to open up the magazines and turn one page to another to get what new you have for them. Rather opening up an e newsletter or e book will be much exciting and easier. The psyche of customers have changed so much that convincing them to follow you through all those old marketing techniques is unfortunately not going to work.

Do Online and Offline Marketing Techniques Differ?

Yes, online marketing techniques differ from offline marketing techniques on various levels. The major difference is the medium itself; people who are approached offline will have their own set of minds whereas the ones being targeted online will have their own. The preferences of people being targeted through different medium vary big time. People who prefer buying offline and by individually and practically visiting the store will definitely have a though of experiencing the product prior buying it. If that short experiencing time is not satisfying the customer will leave that product straight away and will the store to find some other area where he/she can buy the required product.

On the other hand people who prefer buying online have more trust on what have been shown to them through photographs or videos. For them that small few second demonstration is enough to make a decision of buying or leaving the product. Hence, there are two totally different ways of thinking and levels of trust. The marketing techniques will therefore, vary from each other too on a greater extent.


The new brands, if they are willing to go for both the techniques will have to make two different sets of strategies and goals for both online and offline marketing.

Tips on Getting The New Brand Noticed Through Online Marketing:

The major purpose of any marketing campaign is to assure people that the offered product/service is meant to serve the customers and fulfill their requirements and needs. People want to buy products/services on their own requirements and do not want to buy what you want them to. Hence, the online marketing techniques should never lack the main purpose of targeting what people are looking for. Following are explained some of the online marketing techniques which will help the brand in getting the notice of its consumers.

1) High Functioning Website

No matter your brand is offering an online buying option or not the brand must have to have a high quality functioning website. The reason why it is so necessary to have a website is that people prefer searching online prior visiting the company or buying a product from the store. Customers nowadays will get through what your brand actually is by going through all the online information and then if they get impressed they will visit you. The very first experience your brand can give to a customer has now become through a website rather than a personal interaction with them.

The website must be more attractive than all the other competitors in the market that people cannot resist visiting only you among them all. The website should be flawless and high time user friendly. The time and speed of the website should be so compatible that customers should not have to wait for any single action on the website. One click and there you go, here is what you have been looking for, this is how it should be working. Keep the content of the website precise and attractive both at the same time.

2) Do not Try Hard and Be Pushy

Customer never get annoyed more than a direct and constantly pushing direct sale options. They get tired of pop ups coming every now and then convincing them to buy the product without even knowing the will of the customer that whether he/she wants to buy it or not. Let people know you themselves, give them time to build a fraction of trust with your brand by observing you. Once they are happy with you, they will be ready to buy from you. Your content and experience should be speaking more than you directly saying it “Buy Me”. This not only irritates the buyer but also convinces him/her to shut down your website and go somewhere else.

Build strong relationships and trust with the customers first and then show them how you can serve them in the best possible way. Let them decide themselves, it will increase their interest in the brand automatically. Give them various opportunities through internet to make them know about the brand more and more. Put articles on the website or link various blogs with your brand where you can constantly post about the brand. Instead of directly offering what you have, give the customers a chance to know more about you and let them ask from you about the products and services you have.

3) Email Marketing

Some, people might think email marketing is of no use in this time, but this is not so. Email still works for brands and should be made a part of the online marketing plan. The reason why it still matters is that not every single person of your target market is going to visit your website directly. The brand itself will have to make efforts in reaching out to the target audience who are unable to visit the website on their own. Your email marketing will be that one helping tool in bringing people to the website. For that the brand will have to have a quality contact list of the target audience and a compelling and distinguished email to give a website pathway to the customers.

4) Consistent Branding

Consistently knowing what your brand actually is and for what purpose the brand has been developed is necessary to be known. Once all these answers are clear the brand can make a consistent branding plan for all the available online mediums of marketing. Every single online platform will need to have a different and individual plan; a single plan will never work out for all the online marketing ways. Do not rely on one or two online marketing channels rather try the best to reach out to the customers through as many channels as possible. A potential customer getting information about you from all the available platforms will compel and build an interest to come towards you.

5) Starting A Blog

Having a blog not only enhances the visibility of the brand but it also increases the chances of success of the brand. As many informative articles are available on the website so will be higher number of visitors on the brand. The blog should be informative and updated in all the aspects. Online visibility is enhanced on a very high scale with the help of a blog. It will increase the search engine rank, makes it more reachable and enhances its validity. A blog is a very effective relationship building platform with the customers too. Give the customers to post their comments and reviews about a certain topic this will not only increase the level of interaction with the customers but will also help the brand in knowing the customers deeply.

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