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Organic Clothing: Shifting the Trends Again

Long before the arrival of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and processed seeds we had everything organically produced. For the reason of being more productive and fulfilling the rising demands in less time, all these artificial fertilizers and seeds were introduced. Along with the passage of time people have now realized the importance of those organically produced products and the disadvantages of those artificial things. The trends are moving again from inorganic farming and production to organic farming and production of fruits, vegetables, clothes and almost everything we consume.



After the recognition of eating healthy and organic food people have also thought about and are more careful for what they wear. Clean and healthy clothes are as important for our healthy lives just as the healthy food is. Cotton and other fibers being produced with the help of artificial fertilizers and chemicals are harmful for our health and as well as the environment. Our ancestors were way more healthy, active and productive as compared to us just because at their time they only ate and used pure and healthy food and all the consumable items.


Nature is so full of fresh, beautiful and healthy items serving the human beings from the time this world came in to being. Somewhere between being more productive and profit generating, we lost the soul of producing healthy products. Some under developed or developing countries still have only organic farming, unlike the advanced and developed countries. The idea of organic farming is not new as like the other countries. Just for the sake of interests and business some people have introduced those harming un-natural ways of production, without even realizing how dangerous it can be for all of them.

Clothes are the major part of our lives. Just like all the other things we should also take care of what we wear and how it is actually affecting our body. Weather and environmental conditions are the most important factors in determining what your body needs to wore on. Just like what you eat has a great effect on your health, what you wear has a deep connection with how your body responds. There is a huge difference in how a body reacts when you wear some synthetic fiber and when you go for wearing organic clothes. You won’t believe it unless you experience it yourself. Try for using pure cotton or silk garments for some days and then retry your synthetically produced clothes, you will surely feel the difference in level of comfort and ease.

Organic clothing is generally thought of being not fashionable and trendy. Those long tunics and simply knit sweaters are imagined when it comes to organic clothing. But, this is not true in this technologically advanced era, you can wear and organically produce any kind of dress and clothes you want to. Organic clothing is just about organic farming and production of healthy non-chemical clothes. It never means that you cannot wear an adorable dress organically produced. It helps us to keep the environment, air, water soil and even the bodies more clean and pure.

Cotton is the most consumable raw material for the clothes and the pesticides and fertilizers used in its production are the most harmful as well. If only the use of these harmful chemicals is stopped in cotton and all over the world cotton is produced organically, it will automatically reduce the overall use of pesticides to 25%.

For a quality and healthy life try to be more choosy and quality conscious in every aspect of life. From eating and drinking healthy to wearing healthy will keep the overall health good and people will live their lives more happily. Shift the world back to the time of organic farming and production and keep your selves safe and hale and hearty.

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