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Perhaps: Cell Phone Lethal to Your Health

We talk about the advantages of cell phones in every article, let me tell you something dangerous about the cell phone. Actually, it is not the cell phone itself, it is the radiation which may be dangerous to your health. We have found out many cases in which tumor is caused by mobile phone radiation. Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, our lives have been so systematically joined with wireless technology. It might be a problem because eventually, it is creating the biggest public-health problem. According to the various health studies being conducted on this very topic laid out the fact that it is increasingly alarming the world. In the past few years, there were many headlines related health hazard due to mobile phone appeared in highly reputable international newspapers and journals. The Titles “are we telephoning ourselves to death?” “mobile phones affect the brain’s metabolism”, “ Israeli study says regular mobile use increases tumour risk”, “mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep”, “scientists warn of mobile phone cancer risk” and many more caught the attention of the public.


Though it is quite now a years talk, but scientists are still reporting multiple cases of DNA damage, brain aging, brain damage and sperm die-offs because of cell phone use. Another France study, Interphone researchers reported in 2008 that after a decade of cell phone use, the chance of getting a brain tumor specifically on the side of the head where you use the phone goes up as much as 40% for adults. Interphone researchers in Israel have found that cell phones can cause tumors of the parotid glandand an independent study in Sweden last year concluded that people who started using a cell phone before the age of 20 were five times as likely to develop a brain tumor. Another Interphone study reported a nearly 300 percent increased risk of acoustic neuroma, a tumor of the acoustic nerve.
In the results of the Interphone study Louis Slesin with a doctorate in environmental policy from MIT said that “No one in this country cared! It wasn’t news! We love our cell phones. The paradigm that there’s no danger here is part of a world view that had to be put into place. Americans are not asking the questions, maybe because they don’t want the answers. So what will it take?” Though the studies is being conducted by mainstream researcher and people fully consider and understand that how these radiations from cell phones and wireless sources are affecting the human brain, but seriously as Dr Selsin said we love our cell phone. We are neglecting the big part of our living which is health. It is very necessary to go from generating awareness about the use of cell phone. It also is the responsibility of the IT sector to minimize the risk of every invent in the industry.

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