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Personalized Marketing Trends Bringing Out The Best Buyer Experiences!!

Working offline is comparatively easy to recognize a buyer’s preferences about your products. We can easily take a quick feedback and some recommendations from the buyers on the spot, to improve the products according to his/her expectations. It becomes really easy to know what your buyers like/dislike about you and the ways to cater them. Buyer seller relationship can be developed with even small interaction sessions with each other. Both the parties can understand each other’s values, ideas and views without any distractions and unnecessary misperceptions. The most challenging task for businesses has become to create similar level of relationship with the buyers online. Working online is the most popularly recognized and appreciated business forum these days, even more impactful than having an offline physical business store.


Every single buyer is different and unique from the other in all the various aspects. Buyers have always different nature of experiences from even the same brand or store or company depending strongly up on their needs and wants. Along with being different from each other their individual preferences and likings change over time as well. Demand generation is a concept introduced to focus on each buyer individually and providing him/her the best of experience with the brand. It is about respecting what they want rather than forcefully convincing them to buy whatever you are offering them. Being an online business owner it becomes really critical to get that close connection between a buyer and seller, hence demand generation focuses more on each and every single interaction with the customers and values them.


Personalized marketing is what is done this way rather than traditional marketing to keep a close contact with each single buyer individually and give them an experience of their choice. It is really more difficult than it sounds it is, as these exceptional marketing techniques require a lot of data about the individuals and a certain group of individuals. Gathering relevant data and then converting it in to practical actions is equally tough and tricky altogether. These personalized marketing trends are actually changing the whole buyer experience and some of the very interesting ones are discussed here.

Programmatic marketing is one aspect of personalized marketing where rather than bombarding a lot of irrelevant ads all the way to the targeted prospects, with the use of latest technology, software and techniques ads are made customized. Utilizing all the data gathered from the buyers in to actions which specifically target those specific individuals and group of individuals. Programmatic marketing is good in a sense that people will not have to look at unwanted and unnecessary ads; they will only look at what is relevant to them. Retargeting is another aspect which is usually done with cookies, but it needs to be done respectfully as if gets irritated and disrespectful, it will backfire rather than helping out. With the good use of cookies you can target the audience depending on their needs. Those needs are determined when the cookies trace out the other websites your website visitor, visits after yours. The main intention is to know about the buyer as much as possible.

Then we have proximity marketing which is kind of a local marketing and people are targeted with ads depending on their geographical location. The place they are living will automatically help in knowing more about their preferences which will lead to making ads featuring those needs. The locations of a buyer are collected from their mobile phones, which will give an idea of all the places that particular person is visiting offline personally. Consumer owned content marketing is a newly proposed personalized marketing concept which needs yet to be known. It allows the brands to use their consumers’ personal images and content from their social media accounts and presenting that as their content. It raises a few questions as these personal content marketing can become really too personal at some times. Defining that limit of not being too personal is a great requirement.

Personalized websites can be developed and buyers can be catered on a diversified platform, presenting them what they want to see by making use of data being collected about their desired needs, wants and preferences. Wearable data trackers are somewhat questionable but another way to track down an individual all day long activities and then targeting those activities. Behavior trigging emails and product recommendation engines can also be used as personalized marketing techniques. The concept is new and is come in to being because of the internet becoming the ultimate business ruler. In that case every single online business may have their own defined goals and interests hence, these techniques can individually or combined can be used.

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