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Pillars of Consumer Confidence

An economic indicator which measures how consumers interpret the current economic situation, and what are their anticipations for the future, is normally known as consumer confidence. A decline in consumer expectations will be presenting slowing economic activities. Achieving success in 2015, critically depends up on the level of consumer confidence, regardless of what eCommerce policies you have. Only hard work will give you an access to the consumer confidence, there is no such thing as “shortcuts”. The three main pillars of consumer confidence are: Honesty, Consistency and Trust. These are clear guidelines, which will help you make the track of consumer confidence lot easier for.

There is a clear difference between a beautiful, attractive presentation and misrepresentation. The first step to achieving consumer confidence is presenting your brands’ products honestly. Providing the consumers with accurate and detailed information about the product, will help you in giving the consumer a clear picture of what will be received after clicking “buy”, and you always want the expectations to be met fully. The successful brands want loyal and repeat consumers rather than one time buyers.

The best possible way to achieve honesty and accuracy in presentation of products you should always focus on the reviews of customers. If you are receiving constantly bad reviews this shows that there is a gap between the consumer expectations and the quality of the brand. A product cannot satisfy all, but there is always a target audience and if they are not accepting the product then it means: either the product is not presented properly or the price of product and the expectations of consumers are not matching. Do not get disappointed, as there are many ways to establish trust through customer services, even after getting the bad reviews. Free returns for unsatisfied customers and publically responding the negative reviews, will have good impacts on unhappy as well as all the other potential buyers.


After being honest all you need to get consumer confidence is consistency. You need to be consistent in product information, branding and customer service. No matter you are a huge successful retailer with several locations or an individual independent brand, all your product information needs to be consistent. There is nothing more annoying than having an inconsistent product information. Your brand should have a connection with the target audience. Once you have selected the target audience it is good that you keep yourself engaged in them, rather than in a need to target more people. Keep imprinting your brand in the minds of already targeted people. It will be more beneficial than to struggling hard for pursuing additional individuals.

Trust is the result of being honest and consistent. From romantic life partners to the retailer customer relationship trust is the only thread, which has tied them together. Once the thread is broken, it is impossible to come together again. Trust is the most valuable asset for the companies, but once lost it is the most difficult to get back. If a consumers perceive you trustworthy, they will always be sharing their good and positive experiences with the families, friends and the society. Hence, giving your product a word of mouth marketing.

To achieve long-term growth consumer confidence is the most critical and compulsory, but with no shortcut theory. Though, the brands following honesty, consistency and trust will surely get long-term remarkable achievements.

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