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Popular Payment Methods Used For Online Shopping

There are different ways people can pay online. Some people choose to pay whatever way is possible while others pay only through safe methods. In this article we will discuss some of the more popular methods that people use to pay online.


Credit cards: Credit cards are a very popular form of online payments, lots and lots of people use their credit card more than any other method. But it’s not the safest way to pay online because people are vulnerable to hackers who are waiting to steal your information especially if the person you are buying from is not verified or is suspicious. So whenever you use your credit card, make sure that you are contacting after seeing “buyer’s reputation” and that the site you are using is authentic or not.


Debit cards: Another popular form of payment is through debit cards, people use debit cards a lot but like credit cards you need to be careful with it. Credit cards services do offer more protection for the buyer compared to debit card providers. But you need to be careful with both these cards. See if the person you are buying from is genuine or not.

PayPal: PayPal is world’s most popular payment methods used worldwide for safe shopping. You are safe when using PayPal because of their excellent protection features. PayPal offers buyer protection which is definitely a plus point. Buyer protection is a safe bet that you are not going to run into fraud, it refunds your full amount if something isn’t as described or is defected if you use it for online shopping. Buyer protection feature will also refund postage and shipping charges. It doesn’t stop there PayPal also offers seller protection. Seller protection, if a buyer lies or you have been cheated with an unauthorized payment, you will a get full price refund. The seller protection policy will keep you safe. Of course you will need to show proper proof but that’s very obvious for any sort of protection plan.

Escrow system: The Escrow service is similar to PayPal. This system is pretty simple to understand and easy to use. The Buyer when paying for something will submit their payment info to escrow and escrow will only release information to seller when the buyer gives a green signal, when the buyer has received the product and is fully satisfied with it. So this is a safe and a good way for people to pay online.

Of course there are many other payment methods that can be used online, but the above are the most popular methods that people use.

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