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Principles of Mobile Web Design!

We are living in a mobile dominating world; this is something every single person has realized up till now very clearly. Mobile compatible is no more an option or a luxury but it has become a necessity just because the latest reports from Google show that 52% of search traffic and almost half of the shopping traffic came from the mobile devices. Another reason behind having a mobile compatible device as a necessity is the Google’s introduced mobile friendly algorithm. Still there are almost half of all the marketers which have no mobile friendly websites despite the increasing use of mobiles as source of buying and searching on the internet.

Why marketers of the website are still so reluctant in not having a mobile optimized website? Has the mobile algorithm from Google not been worth a compelling reason to redesign? Or is it something like, business are not having their users from the mobile? Despite the increasing number of mobile users one cannot underestimate and compromise the desktop or computer users. The time used on the website and the number of pages viewed is still three times more on desktop or computers than on the mobile devices. Desktops are the most preferred technology to be used for reading news and watching videos.

All these revelations are important and cannot be ignored along with indicating mobile user behavior accurately as well. Mobiles having smaller screens tend the users to revisit the website from the desktop with a clear plan of action. If the website they are visiting is not providing them the information they are in search of, then they will quickly move on to the one which is providing them that information.

Whether your business has already adopted the mobile optimized website strategy or you are still in search of having a perfect plan for it, you need to take care of the following few principles:

Simple & Concise Menus:

One cannot expect large menus or clicking through a list of sub-menus to scroll down while using the mobile devices or tablets. There is not enough space for all these things on the screens of the mobile devices. Your menus should contain the high level overview of the products and services your business is offering to its visitors to narrow down the information which they might be looking for. The ideal mobile friendly menu should not have more than 5 to 6 items in it. There should not be more than 2 sub-menus within the main menu. All these should be designed in such a concise way that they should be enough to provide the information to guide the visitors’ search.

Short & Sweet Forms:


Users are usually not interested in filling fields after fields of information on the forms while using mobile devices. For such purposes they might be suing their desktops to fill up the forms. This is the reason that you need to ask the mobile users just as much information as it is necessary to complete the task and exclude all the other unnecessary information fields. If the form is designed to sign up for a newsletter than the form on the mobile should not be asking more than the name of the user and the email address. Even for the payment forms the fields can be restricted only to the most important ones. You can have an experimenting in deciding how much fields will be enough for your forms by adding and excluding the form fields consecutively and get the form completion response and rate.

Simplify Fields of the Forms:

Along with working on the length of forms you also need to focus on the type of questions to be used for getting the information from the visitors while having a mobile optimized website. It will be good to add different field types in the forms like checkboxes, dropdowns and calendars wherever they are appropriate. They play a great role while filling the shipping and payment information forms. Also make it very clear that which fields of the form are important and compulsory ones to be filled and which ones are optional and can be avoided. Also, provide autofills to attract the customers for revisiting the website. You can also provide guest checkouts for the users which do not want to have an account on the website.

Appropriate Search Results:

For the users who visit the websites on their mobiles with a specific plan of action on their minds, the website’s search is especially very important. They will never be interested in sliding and scrolling down pages after pages and menus after menus without a purpose. This is why it is worth really important to provide the visitors with just the exact information what they are looking for on your website search engines. Once the visitors have already completed the search provide him/her with the filters to help them sort the results as it best suits them. The searched pages should not be full of all the description and texts rather add short product descriptions and prices with the images of the products.

Easy to Contact:

Working as an ecommerce website it becomes really essential to make it easy for the visitors to contact the company. If anyone will have any questions or queries regarding any product they should easily be contacting you to clear them all. A clearer and timely response should be provided to the users otherwise they will no longer be interested in shopping with you. For all the mobile users make sure to have such easy contact availability like having a click to call option. This option along with a contact form or an email address, will give the visitors an option that they can easily contact you with whatever suits them the best or is convenient to them.

All these principles can also be accompanied with few others like designing the website with having the thumbs in mind, catch the visitor’s eyes with CTAs, keeping in mind that the load or the waiting time matters a lot and avoiding pop ups if possible.

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