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Rebellious Apple: Bringing Revolutions

Apple is famous for never following the trends and industry standards. All the way from beginning to the date, they have maintained their position of the trend setters rather than the trend followers. Apple is working continuously in making innovations in their products. The two latest innovations that have been made are: one port MacBook and the Adapters to be used to charge that MacBook.

Apple has recently launched its thin, tiny and handy MacBook. It has just one single USB-C which is capable of doing all at one port from charging to, transferring data and sending out videos. This MacBook is thin and handy but not for those people who like to use ports on the side of their computers.

This one port MacBook is the result of the concept of Apple, manufacturing the thinnest possible MacBook. As the ports take a lot of space because of their physical structure, Apple has removed all of them and it cannot be made much smaller than this one. The downside is that, without the help of a Hub, users will not be able to charge their computer and iPhone both at the same time. Along with that, no output of videos to a monitor and, no input of the data from external source will be possible without the use of a Hub.




As a result, Apple has introduced its own adapter and a set of accessories for this newly launched MacBook, which will be sold separately. This adapter will permit charging, transfer of data and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), simultaneously.

The users have a mixed response. Some say that it’s not a big deal to have a single port MacBook with a separate adapter. While others think that it seems unreasonable to carry an ultra slim handy laptop with a huge lot of separate chargers and hubs supporting ports. Well, this is not the first time Apple has neglected the consumer demands and expectations. Apple never relies and takes dictation from others, on what should be made, it has always done whatever it thinks will bring change, and will break the all set standards and rules.

Back in 1998, Apple for the first time broke the tradition and did not use any floppy drive or serial ports in their iMac G3 and introduced a CD-ROM and two USB ports. Later in 2008, Apple stopped using Firewire ports in their computers by setting a standard. It also got rid of CD ROMs and Blu-rays as earlier as possible. This brief history, tells us that Apple has the tradition of breaking the set standards and bring the revolutionary changes in the world of computers.

But this time, has Apple gone too far? Will it be able to change the mind sets and force the users to use other devices as this newly invented adapter and all, to successfully use their Apple products? Time will tell, whether Apple will get another award of changing trends or will it fail this time.

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