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Remote App and Windows software on Android


It has always been Bill Gates’s dream to have Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) running on computers at every home and business. This vision to dominate OS market continued even after the arrival of mobile devices. Competitors like Apple’s iOS and Android have kept Microsoft from realizing the ultimate dream. The task became all the more challenging because Apple’s iOS and Android control the lion’s share of the mobile OS market. However, now with the forthcoming launch of Remote App Microsoft intends to finally realize that vision and dream. Microsoft is hoping to reinvent the wheel. Microsoft intends to realize the dream, without competing with other OS, as long as their software is used on the iOS and Android devices.

With this new app Microsoft will enable users to access Windows based applications through Azure, everywhere. Even Android and iPad and iPhone users can now use Microsoft’s Windows applications as long as they are internet-connected. To have Microsoft products available on any tablet or PC or phone is a dream come true opportunity for Microsoft. “Azure Remote App is designed to provide scale, agility and global access to corporate applications,” said Microsoft team in a blog post.

Microsoft intends to roll out Remote App as a commercial service this week, on December 11th, 2014. Remote App comes with two price plans; Basic and Standard. Basic will cost $10 a month for 40 hours access, and the Standard will be $15 a month for the same 40 hours. Microsoft offers 50GB of online storage with both plans.

With a flexible per-user per-month pricing plans, Microsoft hopes to attract users who want to use MS Office on their devices while on the move. All eyes will be on the numbers when the app is launched and users start to download it. Will Remote App price tag work the magic to fulfill the hopes and dreams of Microsoft and Bill Gates, or will the price tag put the users off? Either way, Remote App is here to stay and will remain Microsoft’s major product in the future to come.

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