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Rules of Wearing Statement Jewelry!!

Statement jewelry, the name itself shows the uniqueness of this jewelry. Statement jewelry is something which portrays a women’s personality as bold, confident, different and passionate. It is nothing different from any other jewelry type but wearing it needs a courage and confidence. Women usually go with the traditions and they feel scared stepping out of that comfort zone. Statement jewelry actually defines an independent and confident woman as they have courage to try some bold and glorious pieces of jewelry. Any woman can wear it by keeping in mind some basic things about how and when it can be worn. Wearing any piece of jewelry is easy but how perfectly you carry and go with it is what matters the most.

Understanding Statement Jewelry:

Statement jewelry is a blend of all the bold and gallant pieces of jewelry clearly depicting the persona of the person who is daring enough to wear it. A person’s appearance is always judged by other people no matter one has intended to look good or not. A person’s values, beliefs and temperaments are normally predicted by using the tools of how they have made themselves to look like or you can say what they wear. Some people unendingly wear some sort of things to convey their personality characteristics to others, their style statements are like nonverbal communications with all the people around. Statement jewelry boosts up a person’s confidence and poise.

Rules of Wearing Statement Jewelry:

Jewelry is one part of a woman’s look which brings out the life in an outfit and enhances a lady’s best features. A dress without jewelry is like life without excitement and delight. What else than a piece of a bold classic and extravagant statement jewelry can bring excitement and life in an outfit? Statement pieces of jewelry are designed to have fun and enjoy with what has been worn. On the very other end if the statement goes wrong it becomes a totally mess and chaos.

The elegance of statement jewelry is that even a single piece of it will charge up the whole look and outfit of an occasion. You do not need to worry about different items to be worn with the dress if you have one lavish statement jewelry item in your jewelry box. Statement jewelry is available in all the kinds of designs, colors and sizes hence, any dress can be made extraordinary with statement jewelry. To keep the style statement accurate there are few statement jewelry rules to be followed, if not then the statement will be ruined along with the personality of the woman wearing it. Some basic rules are as under:

Less Is More


Statement jewelry as discussed above is usually big in size and is quite bold enough as well therefore the less of it you wear the more spark it will add. Each bold item needs to stand out hence, it will be necessary to not try wearing different statement jewelry items close to each other. The most appropriate is to wear only one item of the statement jewelry as it actually completes the whole look perfectly. In case you desire to wear more than one then, keep the basic rule in mind not to cluster everything. If you are wearing a big bold necklace then do not ever wear statement earrings with it. Similarly, if you have an intention of wearing a bold bracelet than avoid wearing a statement ring with it.

One elegant necklace with a bracelet in the wrist will look good and perfect together. Too much of everything at one small area of your body will look nothing more than a mess. Rather than adding up in the look it will totally destroy and shatter the whole personality. One more thing to remember when wearing more than one piece of statement jewelry is to do not clash the metal of the items. It looks really odd if you are wearing a silver emerald necklace and then suddenly you have a bronze rust bracelet on your wrist.

Keep It Simple

Big and bold jewelry complements simple dresses the best. One statement jewelry item with a simple one colored or pattern less dress will make beautiful wonders. If you are wearing a strongly patterned shirt then it will be better to avoid a necklace as it will not come out prominent and will look odd hiding under all the patterns. Statement jewelry items are meant to stand out rather than falling behind an already extravagant dress.

A small black/white dress will be in the best of its looks if a statement item is added in it. Similarly, simple jeans with a white or smooth light colored shirt will look the most elegant with a piece of statement jewelry added in it. If the accessories are detailed and wide enough try sticking with less clustered and bright dresses.

Choosing Just the Right Earrings

Earrings are always the best choice in wearing any kind of jewelry but when it comes to statement earrings they become really beautiful and unbearable to be worn. One can never miss a pair of statement earrings when choosing in between the statement jewelry items. They can be the first thing to be noticed by people interacting with you so you need to focus on them more if you are choosing to wear them. Statement earrings should be complimenting the face shape and structure of the lady who’s wearing them. They should be the enhancers of your beautiful features.

Choosing a wrong pair of earrings can distract the whole look and attention so keep in mind the size, length, color, shape and the dress you will be wearing. Everything should be in a perfect coordination and should not be mismatched. If those dangling earrings are intended to be worn then it will be a good choice to keep the hair sleek and not too big kind of thing. There should be balance between every single thing you are carrying from the statement earrings to the hairstyle, the makeup and the outfit itself.

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