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Screen Protectors: Do Your Smartphones Really Need Them?

As, fast moving technology has changed the meaning of telephones it has also changed the way they look too. Phones are now smartphones! Smartphones have every single thing you may need in your day to day life whether you are a professional employee, businessman or just an ordinary household. Smartphones have engaged us in them as much as that we cannot imagine our lives without them now. We have an app for taking photographs to editing and from saving the beautiful moments of lives via video recording and then sharing them with everybody on social media. Then, we have apps through which we can stay connected with the whole work team or the workplace and similar kind of some other apps which are now a must to live in this society full of technologies. Apart from all this, smartphones are prone to damage more than those ordinary old historical telephones.



The most sensitive part of a smartphone is its screen as it has sensors in it which sense the movement made on the screen and do the rest of the work. Screens get damaged easily sometimes with just a small stroke of something on them. Mostly, smartphones fall from our hands on the floor and get broken and smashed. Screen protectors are the best option to be used when you think of taking care of the screen. Glass screens even get scratched easily and it changes the display of the smartphone. These screen protectors are made up of a thin plastic sheet designed just in the shape of the screen with holes and empty spaces on them for speakers and buttons. They are transparent and so thin that sometimes even a user sometimes may forget that a screen protector has been used on the screen. Earlier only plastic sheets of some standard sizes were available and they were cut according to the required screens. Now, there is no hassle of cutting the sheets on our own, as in market customized screen protectors are available for any size or type of screen of smartphone from any brand.

In markets not just the ordinary protectors are available but there are also ones named privacy screen protectors. By placing those on the screen no other than the one facing the screen directly can see what is happening on the screen. It increases the level of privacy in case where you have to protect some important data you are working on in some public area. There are also those protectors which reflect the light and become mirror when the screen is not in use. It does not affect the visibility at all; nothing odd can be felt when using the screen. We also have anti-glare screen protectors available in the market, which reduce the stress on the users’ eyes, by reducing the glare of the light coming out from the screen. They work really well in places where exposure to sunlight and strong lights make it difficult to view the screens.

Anti-fingerprint screen protectors are also available in the market, which help to smudge the fingerprints which may come on the screen because of the oils released from the skin. It looks really uncomfortable to use a smartphone screen having a lot of fingerprint marks on them. It feels untidy. Dirt and any other sort of stains get permanently attached to the screens when a screen protector is not used on them. Those stains and unwanted marks are very difficult to get rid of and do not go away easily. A very new and advanced thing introduced in these screen protectors criteria are the tempered glass screen protectors. They are just like a screen over the already existing screen and are way better than those thin plastic protectors. They are even more resistible to heat and fall damage than the ordinary ones. Protecting your smartphone is necessary but from a long list of all these protectors it is up to you that how you would like to protect depending on your very own needs and requirements.

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