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Slingshot Relaunched by Facebook to Rival Snapchat


If you fail the first time, try again and again. Facebook in its attempt to dominate the social network market has relaunched its Slingshot app which had failed to grab big enough market share on its first launch in June 2014, from its competitor the popular Snapchat app.

 The new version of Slingshot comes fully loaded with new features like “My Story” where users can share their story with their friends. Other added features include ability to share photos directly from Slingshot onto Facebook, twitter and other social media like Instagram. With Slingshot app you can send photos to your friends and back.

What is special about Slingshot 2.0 is that it will delete photos after user sees it or after 24 hours. This is a feature which its rival apps do not have yet, but for how long? Secondly, if the users are already content with what Slingshot’s rival Snapchat is offering their users, then will Facebook make another attempt with a third launch?

To snare users from Snapchat, Facebook has removed some of not so user-friendly features that probably hindered the success of Slingshot 1.0, such as users were required to send a picture in order to view the received photo. Facebook is hoping that the new more user-friendly version is well received by critics. The dice has been rolled out and the waiting game has started.

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