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Solar Energy Swapping Traditional Sources of Energy


Oil, gas and coal are some traditional sources of energy that have been used for years. The rate of consumption of these energy sources is increasing day by day at an alarming pace. All these resources are non-reversible resources i.e. once utilized, we can never get them back. Finally, the time has arrived where we have to shift ourselves, from utilizing and destroying these non-reversible sources of energy, to some renewable sources like solar and wind and geothermal power. Many countries have already realized the importance of solar energy and have started utilizing it. However, there is still so much to do, to fully utilize it for their regular demand of energy.



Solar Energy

The sun is producing energy from the time, this universe came into being. Solar energy is the energy produced from the sun. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, this technology utilizes energy from the sun, for the purpose of lightning the houses, producing the hot water and heating homes. Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy, as it does not produce any contamination or wastes. It is easy to install and needs low maintenance but the drawback is, that it cannot be utilized at night and the quantity of sunlight received, rests on the location, climate circumstances, time of the day and year.

Some Interesting Facts about Solar Energy

  1. Although the earth is 90 million miles far away from the sun but still, the light only takes 10 minutes to travel from that distance. Solar energy is found in a large quantity and is absolutely free to be consumed.
  2. Recent technologies like, solar thermal electricity, artificial photosynthesis, solar architecture and solar heating can be combined effectively with the radiant heat and light from the sun.
  3. The most important result of solar energy is the water cycle. Water cycle starts and completes only with the help of solar energy we get from the sun. The temperature of earth, oceans and atmosphere rises after they absorb the heat from the sun. As a result, warm air rises from the earth and creates cloud after the condensation of water vapors. The clouds cause rain and the water comes back on the earth and hence completing the water cycle.
  4. Solar energy can be utilized for heating the water. There are solar powered hot water systems that are used for this purpose. With the help of solar heating, 60 to 70 % of domestically utilized hot water up to 60 degree Celsius can be made available for use.
  5. Solar energy can be utilized efficiently in drying clothes and cooking food.
  6. The most important utilization of solar energy is converting it in to electricity. Large solar panels are fitted at the top of the houses in a specific angle to absorb the heat and the photoelectric effect converts the solar energy in to electric energy.
  7. Solar energy can be stored in the form of heat with the help of thermal storage systems with just the use of stones, earth and water.
  8. Solar energy is the most reliable source of energy. Some countries also use solar energy in their spaceships for their space missions.
  9. Solar energy reduces the electricity bills and there are no recurring costs once the solar panels are installed because the batteries do not need water and other services of maintenance. It can also be utilized in power calculators.
  10. Solar energy is being consumed from over 2000 years ago when glass lenses were used for magnifying the sun’s rays and producing fire. Although the solar energy is utilized on a large scale, still it only fulfills a small portion of the world’s need for energy.

The future of solar energy is as bright as the sunlight itself. Every year the sun produces a huge amount of energy to be utilized by people for fulfilling their needs and converting it into electric, chemical and other forms of energy.

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