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Strong Introduction a Roadmap to an Upright Article

Convince, open up and get feedback. Compelling people to open your article and read is a tough job but keep them reading your article after opening is the toughest job. Keep the interest of people in your article is surely a hard thing but if you will achieve it you are going to rule. Writing the start i.e. an introduction of an article is the way you will keep the readers involved in what you are saying. Once you do it, all the potential customers, visitors, subscribers and promoters will be on your way.


Mostly people just go through the introductory paragraph and after that they will not read the whole of it unless it is something special or piece of an art. So, what actually is the key to keep the reader involved? Here, we are presenting some simple but very useful things to be considered while writing the introduction.

The most important of all is your very first sentence. Try to keep it short as well as meaningful. Short sentences have a capability to convey the message to the reader in a beautiful as well as in the most striking way. Writers get so nervous about writing the introductions that they end up in a pile of long scrambled words. This will never attract the readers as they have to read a whole lot of sentence to understand the crux of your article. Be concise as well as concrete.


Try to say something unusual and unexpected. This will surely attract a reader to know what exactly you are talking about. Boring, repeated and traditional phrases will not attract the reader any way, no matter how good you have written. Along with that, try not repeat the same wordings and phrases that you have already used in your title. Besides that, try to interestingly elaborate the foundation that you have set in your title.

Keep the introductory paragraph as short as possible. People are more interested in finding out the views and ideas being clearly expressed within the short spans of writing. Try to be more precise and clear, avoid dumping the important points in deep down the article. Another thing that might help is using the word you once in your article. It develops a connection with the one reading it. The reader will be impressed and will keep connecting the coming points with him/herself.

Within few sentences try to make a clear track of what you will be covering in the whole article. The way you will lay the track will convince or demotivate the reader to read or leave it. After that try to explain the importance of that article within few lines. These two things will definitely going to be helpful in convincing the reader to read the whole article. You may be clear about what you are going to write and how really important it is for the readers, but the readers themselves are unaware of it. You will be the one telling them properly what they are going to gain through it.

Go for telling a story of what your readers might have been going through or would have gone through by relating it to your article. It will help them in sorting out that the writer is already aware of their problems and can illustrate them in an amazing way. They will go on reading the whole article just to find out the solutions for their problems through you.

There must be so many other things to be considered while writing a good introduction, for that once in a while switch yourself from a writer to a reader. What are the things you liked or disliked about certain articles? Keep them in your mind while writing your own article.

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