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Teach Yourself Inbound Marketing

The word marketing normally refers to presenting yourself. Inbound marketing is different from simple marketing in a way that, in simple marketing you have to go out and attract people by showing and presenting something interesting. On the other hand inbound marketing helps a company to gain the customer’s attention, makes company easily found and shifts and attracts customers to the website by presenting thought-provoking content on the website.


Whenever you start learning something new excitement is just normal. The reason for getting excited may be that you may have not tried to learn new from a long time or you don’t have sufficient time or monetary resources available to start learning. We will guide you here how you can make yourself learn about inbound marketing without having any trouble or resource issues.

The very first thing you should do is subscribe to the top inbound marketing blogs. Give time to those blogs every day and read them thoroughly. The issue is which one to be subscribed? There are so many good blogs available but you have to choose strategically which one should be read. Inbound50 and InboundRank these are two ranking tools which can help you in choosing the right one from a list of quality blogs available.


Reading and getting knowledge about inbound marketing is a tough job but not the only way to learn you can subscribe to the emails of other companies as well. The companies should be those who are practically implementing inbound marketing in their business, this will give you a deep insight in to the real world of inbound marketing. You can do this by reading their blogs and leaving your email address for subscription they will send you their ebooks and emails, go through all of them properly. Keep on taking notes from them, about what you liked and what you didn’t.

You can have your own certification of inbound marketing by getting enrolled in different courses offered mostly online. You can also make a detailed report on marketing of your favourite companies. The report should contain all the information about their website, social media, blogs and mobile strategies. Then give all these things grades, to better understand what is and isn’t working for them.

After doing all this try one more interesting tip which is replicate the work of your favourite companies. Sit down and try to write an email in the same layout as theirs or try to write a blog on the same topic as theirs. This strategy of replicating the successful work of other companies will help you in learning new skills. There is a very interesting platform with a name Inbound.org, here you can easily communicate with all the other people in the same community. One of the most helpful features of this website is that you can submit an image, text or link of any of your marketing technique and they will do a critique on it. They will provide you honest results about your thoughts and ideas. You can learn where you can improve through them.

While you are searching and going through reading about inbound marketing you may find some sources which are really helpful and you may don’t want to lose them, so for that keep on bookmarking and saving all the useful resources. You can also go through the case studies to learn deeply about how companies solve their marketing problems.

The crux of the matter is that you can learn easily inbound marketing through free sources available but it is not a quick and fast method you will learn it gradually.

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