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Technology Advancements: Creating or Destroying Future Jobs?

The word technology pops up a lot of things in our minds. We can relate almost everything we use in our lives with it. A common thought is that technology has changed our lives revolutionarily and made it so easy to live. Well, I would not say that this is not true, it is. But what is actually questionable is that, has it done only good? Unfortunately the answer arrives, NO. There are so many negative aspects attached with a lot of technology used in our lives. It makes difficult to understand and conclude whether the positives are more impactful than the negatives or it is the opposite.


Apart from so many socialized and health issues that have been created because of technology, creation of job opportunities has also questioned the use of technology in our lives. Is technology promoting and creating job opportunities or is it the reason we have lesser jobs left for human capital? This is a very much debatable and serious issue and needs to be addressed properly. Without any doubt technology has contributed a lot in making our work lives easy and efficient. We can do tasks in minutes with the help of advanced computers, which earlier took hours and hours to get completed. Conducting businesses more efficiently has been possible just because of technology. Organizations can even hire people all around the globe with the best of skills and knowledge and it has been possible because of the advanced technologies.


Despite all the good things happening around, it has been observed clearly that more the technology advancement are coming the lesser people are getting job opportunities. Even after having all the skills and knowledge graduates have to suffer a lot in getting a right job. Even though if he/she gets a job, that job is never equal to his/her calibre and educational level. We have reached a point where technology is destroying jobs rather than creating them. Robots and automatic machines are totally ruling the jobs, which were once done by the human beings themselves. Buying such machines is a kind of one time and initial investment and the work efficiency level is way more than the human capital. Machines need not to be motivated and convinced to work properly. Once a program is fed in them they will never work other than that.

The dilemma is that we cannot see far enough, all this going back and reversing. The technology is changing and improving day by day in the fastest way, even on the daily basis. Every day we have something new introduced which is better than the previous one. This is quite an alarming situation because all it does is cutting down more and more jobs done by human beings and replacing them with the machines. There are no rules and regulations for technology advancements. Technology itself is not to be cursed and questioned as we the human beings ourselves are doing all this. We are bringing new things without even realizing and thinking how these things are going to take away the jobs of others. Businesses, companies, organizations and industries have nothing to do with it, they are gaining even more profits and have no issues if machines can work more efficiently than the human beings.

The major risk of getting unemployed is for the labourers and lower rank employees. They are usually replaced with the technological machines and robots. Wealth is still being generated, businesses are still being flourished but the only thing suffered is the job opportunities. In such situations the only part of community which will be suffered is the lower income earning people. It is already difficult for them to earn money and run their homes, and this replacement has done the worst with them. Level of productivity, innovation and profits are at the highest level of their times but at the same time the level of unemployment is at the peak too. Special measures should be taken and all these aspects should be considered seriously. Otherwise, a point will come where people will have nothing to earn and all the machines and robots will be ruling us.

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