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Things Healthcare Marketers Need to Focus on!!

A website’s success is measured by keeping in mind few categories like number of visits on the website, number of new contacts on the website and gain or loss of revenues. Every marketing report should have all these factors in consideration because they are a very helpful metrics in defining the overall condition of that website’s business. This is not the ultimate way of measuring the success level in the digital marketing other ways can also be applied. This decision which way will be appropriate enough for a certain business website depends greatly on the industry for which the business website is working.

If we talk about healthcare industry it is appropriate for it to define its own categories of measuring success. A business working in this particular industry has the main marketing motive and goal of getting new patients and retaining the already existing ones on regular basis. For a business working in healthcare it is necessary to have an effective digital marketing strategy of retaining and gaining patients.

Following are defined few factors which need to be defined and discussed while working in healthcare continuously:

Cost of Acquiring Patients:

The cost it takes in acquiring is one of the most important and fundamental factors in marketing budget of a healthcare business. This involves the amount of cost required to acquire a new patient. So many different marketing media and channels can be included in it like social media, paid search, referrals and the like. All these ways are very effective ways of getting new patients but they may cost a lot of amount to be invested. If the patient is involved in some disease which needs to be treated for a long time then it is worth investing as many high amount in such patient as possible. The reason behind such investment is that it will give the revenue in future more than the double of what has been invested in acquiring that particular patient.

Traditionally it can be easily calculated by marketing amount invested in getting new patients and dividing them with the number of patients being acquired. But it will only give an overview and lack details. A much effective way to know how much has been invested in each new patient individually is to track down the leads from the time they have contacted to the time they have been a successful lead. It will not help in knowing the individual investments but can also allow the business to know which factors are needed to be invested and focused more.

Retention of Patients:

Acquiring a whole lot of patients is not the ultimate goal what it needs to have a successful healthcare business is to keep motivating those patients to revisit whenever they need something. If a business has one loyal patient which always seeks help from your healthcare business then it is way more effective and important than acquiring all new 10 patients. That loyal patient will not only trust you in spending and giving you the profit but they are also a great source of free advertisement. They will keep on telling the people in their friends and family circle about the good experiences they have with your treatment and services. Therefore, it is a must to know more about the patients which are coming back to your website.

It is very easy to calculate the number of people coming back to you. All it needs to know is how many already existing patients your business has and then know, how many people the business has lost or gained within a defined period of time.


Level of Engagement:

Defining the level of engagement is usually known as soft metrics as they do not actually and perfectly measure the success of the business. It is very effective in knowing an overall situation of the business and how its message has been circulating in the market. It can also be used in finding out more about your patients and how they actually came to know you and have been a part of your business’s database. The sources explained by the patients can be focused and worked on get to more patients as the already existing ones.

One easy way of calculating the engagement is to assign a number to every activity a patient do on the website and then see which engagement activities have widely been used.

Effectiveness of Content:

Content as we all already know up till now is the major reason people keep visiting the website and trust the business for purchases. Your healthcare business must be well aware of which content has been downloaded the most? Which content has the higher possibility of converting the leads into buyers? This can be very effective and helpful in designing the business’s future content strategy. It can also help the business in understanding which sources of content are useless and can be eliminated from the content strategy.

Generating new content every often is a great thing but the business website should not forget to focus and fresh the already existing pieces of content. Campaigns of getting patients can be run on the most effective and widely viewed content on the website.

Search Engine Rankings:

Evaluating search engine rankings is essential and effective measure in all the industries but it has a special advantage in the healthcare industry as the local search rankings can play a great role in attracting new patients. All the branded and non-branded keywords should be studied and analyzed for your particular organization and should be focused on.

The difficulty level of each keyword should be kept on knowing along with the number of searches and patients it is helping in getting to the website. There are certain keywords which have low difficulty rate but they are highly searchable ones, the business should find out such keywords and focus to work on them. The website’s keyword optimization strategy should be developed and build according to such information. There are many effective and helping tools which can be used by the business’s to evaluate their keyword optimization strategy and future needs.

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