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Tips on Choosing the Right Shoe for you!

When shopping for footwear, you want to have more than fashion in mind, because you’ll want to consider the event you are going to attend or for casual use. Identifying the activity that you will be engaged in while wearing your shoes will also help you in deciding the selection of right shoe for you.  There are also some different factors which decide what shoe is the best for you, everybody has their preferences, though. Some people like looking good rather than having comfort and vice versa. So how exactly should we choose the perfect shoe? Here are some suggestions for you to choose the shoe for you.


Make sure you’re comfortable!

When shopping for a new shoe, walk around in it so and make sure it’s comfortable. A shoe might need breaking into like most but that doesn’t mean that the shoe has to be super tight (needs to give soft and comfortable feeling while wearing it). A shoe that will get looser, later on, should only be a bit tight at the time of purchase.  The shoes should feel soft and you should be able to walk in them for more than five minutes. In the case of heels, most girls will go for the look instead of comfort. I do this myself as well honestly, but this isn’t the way to go. By the end of the day, your foot is swelled and blistered, was it worth it? No! So please choose comfortable shoes over uncomfortable ones.


Match your personality

Shoes say a lot about who you are so, choose your shoes wisely, you don’t want anybody to get the wrong impression about you. Of course it’s totally up to you to choose the type of shoe you want, but it’s better to choose the type of shoe that will compliment your personality. Make sure the shoe you’re buying is the shoe you actually want!

Try to get a shoe that looks closer to the shape of your feet

The reason for why you should be finding a shoe that’s similar to your foot’s shape is that it’s more comfortable this way. It won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing your new shoe. If a shoe is the complete opposite shape of your foot it is more than likely to be uncomfortable.

All in all, it’s totally on you to buy any type of shoe you want. Follow the above-listed tips and you will have comfortable shoes that you will actually wear!

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