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Tips on Selecting Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home

Houses are the ultimate relaxation destinations. How relaxed and comfortable one feels in his/her house depends totally on how it is being managed. A well-managed, well-furnished and well painted house is actually a place where everyone would love to spend most of their time. Selecting the right colors of paints and coating for the whole house is as necessary as selecting the furniture. Our walls and ceilings should be properly painted otherwise it will never give a neat and perfect look, no matter how good and expensive furniture is placed in it.


The liking and disliking of certain parts of a home usually depend on the color schemes used in them. Rooms with vibrantly painted walls will definitely give a positive and energetic vibe. On the other hand a dull colored room will give that lazy and non-energetic vibes. If you have no idea about where to start and how to start coloring the whole house, it is recommended to start with smaller parts of the house like bathrooms and changing rooms. You can easily experiment with them. Choose a color of your choice and paint it on the desired small chosen area. Let it dry out, as it will not take much time. You will soon get to know whether that color looks fine or not, if not you can even change it again as the area covered is less and easy to be done again.


Another useful tip to remember while selecting a color for the room is to know what mood and feeling you would like to have in that room. Do you want it full of energy, restful, dramatic or anything else? Every room will have its own demands of feelings and moods a bedroom will be more relaxing, a dining room would be lively, a kid’s room would be full of fun and similar for other parts of the house. These moods and feelings related with the rooms will help a lot in choosing up the right paint color. Apart from that one more important thing to consider is the lightening in the room. Bright colors will be real bright and flashy when exposed to daylight or sunlight falling on them through windows. If the room is bright and full of light already then it is recommended to choose the dark and dreamy color for one wall in the room and not for the whole room.

Be more brave and confident while applying and testing the colors you have chosen. Never hesitate to test bold and dark shades of the paints as they will give your room a lavish and appealing look. You can balance the overall brighter image of the room by selecting somewhat soothing colors for the ceiling. It will balance out the whole look. Textures and broken colors can be added to give a life to those dull walls. Do not forget to have a specific theme for the whole house and then add different colors on the walls. The wall colors should be complementing each other when moved from one room to another. There must be some link and relationship among the different paint colors applied on the walls of the whole house.

Within one single color there comes a variety of shades and they can all be combined in a very good way over the walls. It will keep that one color tone theme yet at the same time will be varying in its shades. There are varieties of paint and coating brands available in the market with different finishing looks and durability. Choose the ones which you feel will be the most appropriate for your place.

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