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Tips to Manage Digital Footprints

A record of whatever you do online is generally referred to as “Digital Footprint”. From social media activities, browsing history, information on the personal website, photos and videos uploaded, online subscriptions, to almost everything with your name is recorded as digital footprints. Whether you share information intentionally or unintentionally it is being collected by employers, potential employers and even the companies from which you have shopped online.

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Demographics, race, political interests, religion etc. are some kinds of information which are gathered online through digital footprints. It can begot through cookies. Similarly, whatever is posted online is supposed to be there forever, no matter it is a blog post, videos on YouTube or photos shard on social media. Once posted, they leave trail forever. Following are some tips through which we can manage our digital footprints:

Privacy Settings

There are a lot of things to be considered related to your privacy settings. Do not forget to think before sharing anything, that what will be the consequences. Follow the proper privacy settings before using any social media website, to protect your data and yourself from future complications. Every selfie, re tweet or like is generally more public than we think it is.

Different Accounts

If one email address is used for work then separate the one which will be used for home, similarly separate your credit cards for online shopping and for other purposes, it will help in dividing your digital footprints in categories. Never share your username and passwords with anyone.

Protect Your Personal Data


Do not share any of your personal information including: personal address, password, bank card numbers or personal phone numbers. Mostly applications, browsers and devices are set to share your information automatically. To save yourself from this check all the settings before using them and unless you are comfortable with them, do not use them. Even the cameras in smartphones record the time and location of the pictures being shared. Think before sharing because you are actually sharing all that data along with the photographs.


Use Online Privacy Tools

There are many online privacy tools available which can be utilized to keep all the information about your digital footprints.

Check and Manage Cookies

Cookies are one of the main source of sharing your information with websites once you have visited. Check your browser settings and remove cookies from websites that you were not aware that they are using your information. It is easier to protect your information being shared rather than erasing the information later. Before publishing anything check all the permissions and settings it involves, regarding sharing of your information.

Google Yourself

It may sound weird but the fact is you should do this. After every few months search for your name and information on Google. It will give you a clear picture of what information related to you has been shared with all the other people out there.

Before you start worrying about this all, do not forget that there is not all negative about digital footprints. There are positive aspects as well. As you know that employers keep a trail of you, utilize it in a good way and leverage your digital skills with them. Make yourself responsible and sensible internet users!


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