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Types of Printer Papers

A paper is the most used thing in offices, schools, homes and almost everywhere. Papers are of different kinds depending upon their use. Hand written manuscripts are outdated now, mostly people write on their laptops or desktops and take a print out of what has been written. Printing papers have a great deal of value in our lives, we need them almost everywhere. From printing official documents to books and paintings and interesting things for kids. One would feel so awkward and sometimes outrageous after entering a departmental store full of different kinds of papers and has no idea what to buy.



There are different kinds of printer papers depending upon the purpose for which they are to be used. Some papers may be designed for enhancing the colors on the papers, others will be the ones enhancing the black text and making it easy to read. If one has a proper knowledge about which kind of paper is manufactured for what specific purpose then it will be easy to buy the right one according to the needs. There are matte papers, which are the best one for daily use. They have a white coating on them which makes the ink dry so quickly that the printed text never smudges and mixes up with each other. Opposite to matte paper is a glossy paper which is mostly used for the purpose of printing photos. Glossy paper enhances the visuals and colors being printed on it. It absorbs the ink and hence making the image look natural and beautiful. But, there are chances of colors to mix up and smudge with each other so they are advised to handle with care.

After that comes a bright white paper. It is the kind of paper used for printing on both sides of it. It has a smooth surface which allows the user to print on both sides without affecting the quality of print. Its brightness helps the black and other color texts to stand out more. Resume paper is the kind of paper manufactured especially to make the official documents or resume to stand out. Its texture and appeal makes it clear to the one reading the documents that the person who has printed it is actually serious and devoted to the purpose. Then we have special papers for special printers. An inkjet paper is made especially for the inkjet printer and similarly laser paper for a laser printer.

When choosing the right paper there are certain things which need to be considered according to the purpose for which it is intended to be used. Features like the paper’s coating, its brightness and weight are the important ones to take in consideration. Coated papers come with smooth, matte and dull surfaces. The smooth ones are glossy and are traditionally used for printing photos. Printer papers even come in different brightness and colors. The brightness level ranges from 80 to 100. The maximum numbers mean sharper images. Smoothness and paper size are the features to be considered too. As printing papers come in various sizes and smoothness level. Before buying paper for printing do consider these features. If a paper’s properties matching your needs, then it is the right one for you.

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