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Video advertisers see mobiles as the future


The most fascinating thing about the internet is that it has opened up the field to competition. And the competition is driven by the market forces. There is a continuous battle going on in the marketplace, businesses as well as individuals are challenging their online competitors for influence and popularity on the net. However, as in all spheres of life, and internet is no exception, the biggest and strongest take the lion’s share, leaving only the crumbs for the small players. In online video advertising, major players like YouTube dominate the top spot as the preferred choice by advertisers and viewers alike.

It is pretty hard, if not impossible, to challenge the top players. It is prudent to try luck in a totally different area than to spend energy on competing in an over saturated market. Hence, video advertisers are now following the consumers and looking forward to reaping the benefits in the newly growing mobile video advertising market. Video advertisers are no longer impressed by the return on investment (ROI) they get form their traditional publishers. They seem eager to tap into the more lucrative and growing mobile and tablets market.

The British newspaper, The Independent, has reported that; “leading British newspaper and magazine websites have seen a significant slowdown in video advertising growth”. However, it is not just the newspapers that are struggling; other industries and sectors are not showing promising signs either. It seems video advertisers are no longer focusing on advertising with their usual publishers. There was only a meagre 5% increase in revenue from video advertising for the publishing industry, during the third quarter of 2014, while in the previous year the increase was over 70% for the same period. It seems there is not much that publishers can do to change this decline, the battle is lost. Publishers are not in a position to compete, especially when the video advertisers see the mobiles and tablets market as the future.

Trends for 2015 show, more and more consumers are likely to go online using their mobiles and tablets. Advertisers are keen observers of the marketplace and will follow the consumers’ choices. Such are the laws of nature and power of competition in the marketplace.

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