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Ways to Get a Buyer’s Trust!

Staying in business and dealing with buyers sometimes makes us wonder, wouldn’t it be great if we were all mind readers? It would have simplified our jobs and lives to a much greater extent. It would have been so easy to understand about what a buyer has been thinking without worrying that he might be inaccurate about his budget, timing or anything else. Not just you would be satisfied but it would have been an advantage for them too. They would have trusted you straight away, because they would easily understand how honest you were being about explaining your products to them.

Unfortunately, this is something which is not possible and that we all are not mind readers! This never means that you can lose hope psychologists and researchers have all combined stated after analyzing the buyers some effective measures through which you can be honest and trustworthy for the buyers.

Following few tactics are described, with the help of them you can easily eradicate all the initial doubts and suspicions from the buyers mind and get their trust easily. Use them all just for the good and not for evil, nobody will ever appreciate you being mean and lying to your buyers by using these tactics negatively.

Play With Your Commonalities:

There is a concept generally known as in-group favoritism or in-group bias, which means giving favors to members of groups to which they belong. Have you and your prospect been to the same school or college? Are you and your prospect supporting the same team in sports? Not just this, but any other common factor between you and your buyer can be exploited to get the maximum of trust from the buyer.

A business’s rapport or image is just not enough to close a deal with the buyer trusting that rapport and perception about you is one major factor too. Just do not ever force your image or agenda to the buyer at its initial stage as they are already very suspicious about you hence, forcing may cause negative impacts. If you know something common between you and your buyer just bring it on organically and swiftly so that he/she may not realize that you are bringing it on with a purpose. Stay normal while using such tactics as there might be smart people who will join the links of the conversation that why such things have been brought under discussion. So, you need to discuss about your common factor just in so casual and unplanned manner that the already existing suspicions got vanished rather than increasing in number.



The power of smile can never be underestimated nor overstated; no matter you are working in the field or inside sales. Being a human we can not only sense the positivity in smiles but also hear and distinguish among them by just listening to their audio. A person comes out to be more engaged, concerned and open, with a smile on his/her face hence comforting the buyer more successfully. The buyer will respond positively and trustworthily whenever you will treat them with a smile on your face.

One point worth remembering is that people like the fact that they have been smiled at, it gives them that positive gesture that they have been liked. To get that positive response genuinely feel happy while greeting and helping the buyer and give those polite and gentle smiles all the way till the deal gets closed and even after that too. A small tip is that whenever you fall in tough conversation with the buyer smile between the intervals and you will get some concessions from the buyers.

Lean in:

Psychologists have stated that it is generally observed that people tend to lean backwards along with moving their heads backwards whenever they are lying. Liars have that unintentional and unwanted swaying towards back with a thought of making a distance from the target. It is suggested to come a little closer, to the buyer even if you are not tensed and conscious. It will give a sense of comfort to the buyer and there are more chances of them believing what you are saying to them.

Make Eye Contact:

Eyes are that part of a human body which never lie and portray what’s going on in our minds. Eyes always focus and move towards the place where our body wants to go, we can control the body from not going that way but our eyes can never be controlled that way. Hence, eye contact has a power of building a subconscious connection between the prospect and the one dealing with him/her. This never means you need to stare at them it is a total no! Liars have an unwanted move of, staring at their subjects without blinking; it gives an uncomfortable and conscious feel to them.

All these tactics can play a great role in gaining the trust of the buyer but remember, if you are lying then nothing can save you for a long time. The truth will be revealed and you will have to face the criticism and negative reviews from your buyers.

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