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Why Aren’t People Buying from you?

Wonder why people aren’t buying from you yet they are buying the same exact thing that you have got from somebody else. You might even have better products but still don’t have many customers? Ever wonder the reason for all this? No? It’s okay, help is on the way! Below are some short listed reasons for why this problem is occurring. Learn how you can better the problem you are having with the suggested solutions down below If interested in getting more customers then read on if not you can leave.


 Better customer service

One of the things that a lot of businesses and online stores forget to do is that they don’t have good customer service. Customer service is very important for any company to be successful. Especially if you have an online store. Imagine yourself as a customer who has just bought something but it’s not like how it is or was described you contact customer service and they tell you that they can’t do much about it. How would you feel like? Bad right? Well that’s how your customers feel like if you don’t have good customer service. Definitely improve your customer service if this is the point you are weak in.

Make them trust you; build a relationship with them

There are buyers out there who appear as cheats, and will do anything to sell their product. Their product descriptions will be anything that will make you buy it. They will make things too good to be true, little to their disappointment, customers aren’t stupid, and they know when something is too good to be true.  You seem fake and like a cheat so people don’t buy from you. Yes there are smart marketing tactics that can be used to make people buy from you, but there won’t be lies in it.  You don’t want your customers to think that you are like every other seller out there, who doesn’t care about their customers. They only have one thing on their mind and that’s selling the product, nothing more nothing less.

Not aware of your product

You’ve marketed your product enough yet it’s not reaching its target audience? Isn’t that weird well have you ever thought about this? That maybe your marketing isn’t done properly. Maybe you’re aiming to target other audience but target the wrong audience instead. Maybe you need to change your marketing tactic. Is your marketing reaching the audience how it is intended for?


Don’t understand what your product is capable of doing

Price isn’t always the most important thing to customers. Most customers will buy something more expensive if it’s truly worth it. But maybe your customer doesn’t have enough product detail in order to make the decision of buying your product. And just because of that they might have left you product and have bought somebody else’s. Because of lack of product detail. Let your customers know what your product can do and why they should buy it.

Useless product

Maybe your competition has the same exact product as you but they marketed their product and the customer thinks that their product has more value than yours. You don’t want your customers thinking that your product is useless. Show them your product has value, how you show them is up to you.

Make them feel like the product you are selling is what they need!

In order to sell more products you need to connect with customers one on one, make them feel like they need your product, and you’re product is the best in the market and the one they will actually need and use. Let them know why they need you product

Make your products easy to find

You don’t want customers to use a map to go through your product and find the one they need. Because this way the customer will get bored and leave, you don’t want this, a bored customer is a customer lost. Make it easy for people to find the product they need.

Follow the above tips and you will have more customers in no time!

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