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Why Aren’t People Clicking your Banner Ads?

Advertisement is one of the most stressed task for the marketing and advertising teams. Advertisement earlier was as easy as distributing the flyers or having a small portion in local newspaper or the most impactful and expensive was a considered to be a TV commercial. This was actually long time ago, before the arrival of internet related technologies. The meanings and basics of advertisement have been changed totally and are replaced with some extraordinary and remarkable sources of spreading the words. The newest and the most impactful thought advertisement sources are those via internet on various websites in the form of advertisement banners. Yeah! You actually heard it right! Banners these days are not just those cloth and other material advertisements which were hanged on various streets and markets to make the name of business more visible to the customers.


The problems with these banner ads is that they are not clicked and viewed by the customers in large number. There are so many reasons why they are not being clicked as much as they are expected to be. When these few but important things are kept in mind clicks are expected to be of the number which is estimated before publishing that banner ad. Mostly people do not click and view them because they are irrelevant to them. If you are posting an ad of ice hockey promotion while the viewer is a football lover, how can you expect that person to click your ad? For that you need to have a thorough research and data about the expected viewers’ likes and interests. Although, it is really tough to find and target only those who will be the real interested viewers but still efforts can be made to make it possible as much as one can by knowing about the target audience. In this way you will be able to target the audience according to their interests. No matter how intellect and informative banner you have it will only be viewed when there is some relevance for the viewer.


One of the most irritating and unwanted reasons why viewer do not view the ads is that they are very distracting and flashy. People visit your website for their personal requirements and then they view an ad on your website right? What if the ad is so disturbing and distracting that the viewer will even close your website too? So, make sure the ad is not much disturbing and flashy with those neon colors as they actually twitch right in to the eyes and are never useful. Invest time and resources in designing an ad otherwise an ad with no meaning and concern showing the words “buy me” will never be viewed. Your content should speak itself rather the words saying “buy”.

Mostly banner advertisements are not arranged in a proper line and viewers are unable to get the idea that what thing should be gone through first and what at the last. Make a sequence of offers to the customers depending on their expected interests. At the very first visit of the viewer you can offer them to download and ebook via an ad and after that if that person visits again you can then flash an ad of your webinar. Once they are inspired of your content and material presented to them, you can easily flash an ad of contacting a sales representative which will further convince the customer to buy something. Directly presenting an ad to talk to the sales representative will never convince the customer to talk unless he/she has an image of something in their mind which you can offer to them.

People use their smartphones for almost all the purposes even web browsing, so a website having ads really relevant and interesting but not having a mobile friendly version will actually never benefit you any way. People do not like to zoom in and out to read the content and finding things of their choice. So, build a mobile optimized website before adding ads in it otherwise the potential customers on their smartphones will never be able to reach you. Along with that your banner must be showing some value to the reader. If the reader feels neglected and the product introduction and promotion gets an upper edge then sorry, but you are not getting the benefits. Make sure all you present before a reader should be relevant and value proposing to them.

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