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Why Eat Fish?

Eating healthy is the most difficult thing in this time. Junk food has taken over all our taste buds and the tragedy is we no more like healthy food. We prefer deeply fried and full of calories food and which ultimately makes us fat and prone to many diseases. Many people have no idea that seafood and fish can be a part of a really healthy diet and can keep us safe from many diseases. A small portion of seafood or fish once or twice a week can be enough to balance out the intake of our food.


Fish is high protein yet low calorie food and has the tendency to produce omega 3 fatty acids. Our bodies need omega 3 fatty acids for so many things but it cannot be produced automatically within our bodies. For that we can add a sufficient amount of fish in our food to fulfill that demand. All the kinds of fish are healthy to eat but some are a bit healthier than the other. More fatty fish are considered to be healthier. Fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines are referred to have high fatty nutrients like vitamin D than the others.


The most important disease fish helps us to fight is heart disease. It is researched that people consuming a sufficient amount of fish once a week in their regular diet have rare chances to suffer from heart diseases. Fish is thought to be the healthiest food to keep your heart working properly. Fish high in fatty acids have a high amount of Omega 3s acids in them and eating them reduces the blood fat level, hence reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Another recent research indicates that eating fish also helps you in boosting the part of your brain concerned with memory. Fish being a part of your balanced diet can reduce the risk, of suffering from Alzheimer’s, to a large extent.

Mostly people suffer from dull skin and hair problems as they have less fatty food in their diet. Rather than improving their eating habits they go for expensive and artificial treatments. Something more beneficial for their skin and hair can be eating food related to fulfilling your skin and hair nutrition needs. Fish is definitely one of those food items which can help you in fighting hair and skin problems naturally. Omega 3s consumed through fish is the right treatment to glow your skin and give shine to your hair all naturally without any artificial treatments.

Omega 3s in fish is also researched to be beneficial in reducing depression, stress and anxiety issues. Research shows that women consuming capsules of 200mg omega 3s during pregnancy have lower chances of suffering from postpartum depression. Another benefit is that omega 3s found in some fish helps children in their mental and brain development. Deficiency of vitamin D nowadays is very common. Apart from sunlight exposure the most important source of vitamin D in food is fish and fish related products. Autoimmune diseases are the ones which occur when mistakenly the immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissues. The kind of diseases which occur in that result is type 1 diabetes, which occurs when the immune system accidently attacks the insulin producing cells and pancreas. The studies reveal that fish items specially omega 3s is the source which reduces the risk of such diseases.

Fish also reduces the risk of suffering from asthma in children and also protects the vision in old age. Sleep disorders can also be recovered by consuming a sufficient portion of fish in your diet plan once or twice a week. Fish is not only healthy but is also a very delicious and easy to cook food. A simple formula to prevent yourself from diseases and stay fresh and healthy is adding fish in your meals.

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