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Why Have Blog on Business Website?

Blogs seem to be a source of information to a visitor but for a business it is a very effective technique in getting and attracting more and more people towards their website. Having new visitors on the website after every short interval of time is difficult and to do so, many different marketing techniques are applied. Blogging is one of those techniques too. Internet community has increased in size in last few years and it is becoming a more challenging medium of conducting business as well.

Business Blogging:

The word Business Blogging has combined two different mediums in at one point. When blogging is used as a marketing tool to boost up the online business it is when Business Blogging happens. It helps the business in getting more online visibility and hence more sales and profits in return. Blogging is traditionally known as writing small pieces of content; mostly websites have a special area of Blog where they post their different blog posts.

Blogging can be on any topic when you are doing business blogging then the blog post needs to be on some specific topic relating some way or another to the business. A website’s online visibility depends a great deal on the quality and choice of its blog posts. Online visibility in simple terms means easy to be found and searched on the internet. When you have an updated blog area your business website be all over the internet and whatever topic a visitor might search for on the search engine your website could be one of the suggested websites.

Business Blogging Different from Regular Blogging:

After knowing briefly what exactly business blogging means, one might have a thought that how that blogging is different from regular blogging.

Blogs can be of various categories some people have their own blogs where they like to post their excerpts and want other people to know about them. While there are others which are only developed for a purpose of giving ad spaces to different businesses and earn money. Business blogging is different than regular blogging in both the above stated mediums. Business blogs are never a personal or hobby writing spaces and neither are they the ultimate source of earning the money.

A business blog is rather a marketing channel or medium for the businesses to promote more deeply what they are doing just like any other marketing tool. They are also meant to help the business in growing more as much as possible, by bringing people and visitors more often to the website. It increases the traffic on the website and there are possibilities that traffic will be converted in to sales leads somehow.

Marketing Benefits of a Business Blog:


There are so many marketing techniques which can be used to scale up the business growth and success and blogging is comparatively a newer one. The reason why it is considered as a new idea of marketing is that online businesses have grown in last few years and so the need of online visibility has also grown. To cope up with the online visibility issues many new marketing ways have been introduced and used. Blogging has been a very effective and result oriented technique among all the newly introduced ones. Some benefits which can easily be gained by having a business blog are as under:

Drives Traffic

Every websites is continuously in the search of more visitors, no website can deny the fact that they need continuous number of visitors to keep their online business working and growing. There are many ways through which people can approach a certain website. An already existing audience will definitely write the name of your business on the browser and will reach you directly. These already known visitors will not increase the traffic on the website rather it will keep it smooth and same as earlier.  Another way to approach and drive people to the website might be through email marketing. One last thing can be your business paying a heavy amount to buy the spaces of online banner ads and spreading them all over.

All these ways are up to some extent worthy of utilizing but they do not seem to be creative enough to attract new people most often. Blogging is one creative and worthy option because by posting one more blog post on your website you have one totally new page on the website and one totally untouched opportunity of attracting the people. The more updated and quality blog posts you have the more you will be appearing on the search engines and the more people would be approaching you.

Converts Traffic into Leads

Traffic is coming continuously with the help of the blog on the website increases the chances of converting that traffic into buying leads. Not every single visitor coming on the website will be buying, but most probably some of them can buy. One simple way of converting the visitors into buyers is to place on each blog post page a free buying ad and let the visitors visit the website and get a free buying experience. Free selling does not necessarily means to be of some high amount but a meager amount can be set for free purchasing and attract the visitors to have an experience. Do not get worried if not many people are converting into lead as most of the blog posts readers might not be looking for something offered by you. Keep on blogging and attracting people there must be people searching out for something you are here to sell.

Long Term Results

Blog posts generate long term results their effects do not vanish by the passage of time rather they are the source of taking the attention of people even after weeks or months of publishing the blog post. If the ranking of a certain blog post is high enough it will be shown on the search engines whenever a person tries to search out something related with it.

This is something working on behalf of your business without even you knowing it after a certain time has passed. You might have forgotten what you posted last year this month, but somewhere around the globe there might be people in search of that particular topic. Once they get to reach your website for getting the information they might get attracted towards what your business is actually offering. So keep blogging without a fear of not getting much visitors, as if not today tomorrow there might be people approaching your blog and then indirectly to your business.

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