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Why Jeans are Better than Any Other Pants?

Ask any one no matter a girl or a boy, what their favorite type of pants are, the answer will be undoubtedly a pair of denim jeans. It is not just because they are the most comfortable, but also that you can manage to have more than one looks with a similar pair of jeans. With the passage of time and advancements in the traditions and trends of jeans now, we have a variety of jeans types available. You can wear a slim fit or a skinny one or if none of them than you can wear the regular ones or the baggy style. So, we have a lot to prefer jeans over any other pants.


You can have a real classy look without even making much efforts. Does this means that people won’t ever prefer anything else like skirts for girls and formal pants for boys? Not at all. It is just that all those other options will be laid back in your wardrobes, just for some special ceremonies and occasions. For the people who think that it can never happen or they have not yet understood the advantages and latest trends in jeans, let us have a look at the following points and hopefully convince them.


There is a list of endless options available in jeans. The time has gone a long time ago when there were only boot cuts and wide leg jeans. Now, we have almost every type and color of jeans available that can be used in any kind of occasion, even you can wear them in formal occasions too. We have bell bottom, skinny, slim fit, high-waisted, ripped jeans and much more of them. It is up to you that how you choose and manage your style with them. An after all, too much choices in fashion are never a bad thing!

It may sound a bit weird but actually jeans are the types of pants that do not need to be washed for a long time, they never look dirty. Some jeans lovers even have a thought that the more you wash them the more they will look old and will lose their charm. Whereas some people like the jeans to look more weary and old, in that case you can wash them as many times as you want to. You can easily wear a nice pair of jeans in your office too. Unlike the formal ones, which you can only wear in some kind of a formal occasion.Mostly the dark and sleek jeans look the perfect when you wear them in an office.

Your body looks just the perfect in jeans rather than any soft pants or the stretchy pants. Another interesting thing is that you can style your jeans just within five minutes. Grab a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and here you are, ready to rock the world. Can you imagine any other type of pant or dress, to get ready in five minutes? Not really. Because jeans have nothing such as set rules and patterns to be wore on. Prices of jeans vary according to the locations and places you live. But whatever you have paid for it, is worth investing for. You will never feel bad after buying a pair of jeans, they will dress you up anywhere and in any look you want to.

Jeans are the most durable pants you can ever have, they hardly face any ripping or tearing issues. You can have your favourite jeans for as many years as you want it or you can fit in it. One last thing is that jeans are so stain resistant. You can easily wipe of anything which fell on your jeans accidently or any way. Whereas if something falls on a formal pants or any other dress you are wearing, then it is the worst nightmare to get the stains of. I guess all this is more than enough to convince you that, a pair of denim jeans is way better than any other type of pants you may have!

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