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Why LinkedIn is Important in B2B Marketing?

Most of the B2B marketing professionals understand the importance of LinkedIn network for the success of businesses. It is one of the most effective channels to reach and connect with buyers, business leaders and professionals related to different fields of life. LinkedIn is by far an effective B2B platform which helps you to build a stronger relationship with the people and other professionals related to your business. It also very powerful in lead generation and building stronger communities if used professionally.


If, you are one of B2B marketers and you have not yet utilized this platform for business-to-business model and community building efforts then you have probably missed plenty of potential buyers and future customers. A recent study depicts that almost 85% of the people think that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform in the marketing of Businesses. This platform not only helps your business for lead generation but, it also helps in increasing the website traffic. LinkedIn has strongly been observed surpassing Facebook and Twitter when compared on the basis of marketing abilities.

Usually, it is preferred more by the small and medium sized businesses for their marketing purposes. It clearly shows that social media platforms unlike earlier are now considered valuable in business marketing and promotions. The most obvious reason that LinkedIn is gaining popularity in this regard is that it is a community of professionals related to different fields. All the professionals are gathered at a single platform which helps them to see the new updates and stories shared on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media channels (You can link your account with major social media sites). You can see the details of members like their business name, designation, career history, objectives and success stories.

Apart from the most important reason that it is the community of business minded people and the interaction among them is only for a purpose of learning something new for the business, there are some other reasons as well. Some of them are explained as under:

  1. As a tool for Brand Awareness:

All the professionals are always available on LinkedIn which increases the chance of building strong network and more contacts. It is the most appropriate platform to increase a business’s online existence. People can take the advantages of many individual and group features of the network in promoting more about themselves and the brands as well.


Any business can have its LinkedIn page on the website as it’s free and easy to be made. This page will have all the necessary information related to the company, its background, history and all. All the profiles of business employees can also be linked directly on the company’s page. It will create awareness and reputation of a business and hence increasing the chances of more people interacting with it.

  1. As an Effective Leadership Platform:

There are various special features on LinkedIn which makes it the best platform to practice leadership. All the practicing leaders trying to be good advisors can utilize the LinkedIn forum by building an attractive personal profile or keep answering and participating in different communities. It is a network building website hence, it helps all the professionals and influencer to engage and interact with other similar minded people.

  1. Tool of Lead Generation:

With all the other ways of generating leads, LinkedIn can play a vital role as well. It is the best platform for networking and using the contacts of network in generating leads. The best feature is that apart from all the traditional ways of lead generation like content creation and distribution it also helps in direct interaction with the potential buyers. It assists in identifying the leads individually and then engaging and converting them in profit generating leads. Indirectly marketing the business and personal level interaction with the potential buyers is a great way of getting them in the business network.

  1. Customer Relationship Management:

LinkedIn gives a business the chances to know more about their prospects and customers. An integration of a social CRM tool with LinkedIn will help the business to know about the activities of their potential buyers on it observing their behaviors. LinkedIn itself shows all the details about the potential customer whenever he/she is intended to target. Therefore, it gives a lot of chances in building and managing strong customer relationships with the customers by knowing about them more.

  1. Increasing Website Traffic:

LinkedIn has not yet been observed for one of its most powerful abilities in building links and increasing traffic on the websites. The marketing or any informational content related to the business can be shared on the LinkedIn profiles and communities that a person belongs to. Whenever people will click and try to open the shared links they will directly be forwarded to the main website hence increasing the number of people visiting it. Business related content and shared articles can go viral in minutes on LinkedIn. It is observed that the number of shares for the business content via LinkedIn is always more than the number of shares on Facebook or any other social networking website.

B2B platforms are the most popular ones in running the businesses these days and they continuously need more unique and operative ways of marketing. Social media platforms were not earlier considered as the result oriented ways of marketing but now the concept has been changed. We even have social networking websites especially for various purposes. LinkedIn is the biggest example itself as it was developed with the basic purpose of bringing all the professionals on single platform. Every opportunity is when utilized in its best possible way can be productive and result generating.

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