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Why People Unfollow Brands on Social Media

Follow or Unfollow? Subscribe or Unsubscribe? This is one of the most confusing decisions for the customers of this social media era. And for the brands the toughest thing is to retain their followers. Mostly, the followers tend to get bored as their mind and preferences are diverted easily to other brands. The brand itself can be the major reason for losing their followers. The brand should realize and ask itself some questions like, what actually its target audience is? How do these audiences like to interact with the brands? What are the followers concerned about? And some similar sort of questions. While answering these questions most of the brands think the only and appropriate answer, for all these is the use of Social Media. No doubt, Social Media has actually become the most widely used marketing medium. But the major enigma is why do people unfollow you after a short span of time?


To answer this, let us first see why actually people follow you on social media? It is the most competitive market to get followers, with millions of brands working hard in using Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc. for the promotion purposes. The reason one follows a brand is based on the blend of inclination for the brand and the level of uniqueness it offers to its followers. Three major reasons of following the brand have been: people like certain brand, to get the notifications of the promotions and special offers, to learn about new products and services being offered. Only a very few followers, follow the brand for the purpose of feedback, complaints and suggestions. Mostly people prefer images to be used for promotion rather than the videos and company views.


So the two main reasons found so far, that why people unfollow the brands are: too much uninteresting content and self-promotion, lack of personal engagement and the use of automatically generated messages.

Obviously, the Brands are on social media for promoting themselves and a little self-promotion is good and necessary. But the all-time self-promotions and only focusing itself, is the main cause why people start unfollowing you. Because the followers think that, it gives no value to them and it is all an unexciting and boring content for them. So, if a brand is posting too much repetitive content it is surely going to lose its followers. What will your follower expect from you? Clearly a follower wants quick and personal interaction with the brand. The major reason they have followed the brand on Social Media is to have an interaction with their favorite brand. Mostly followers get annoyed on automatically generated messages and responses. All they want is a recognition and answers to their queries in a best possible way as quickly as possible.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build up the brand recognition and be socially active on social media, after all the efforts and hard work, the least expected thing a brand will want is people start losing their interest in it. Because the main purpose of a brand to involve with its customers on social media, is to enhance its customer loyalty by providing extraordinary value and fascinating content to its followers. However, if it fails, it will lose the followers and it will surely hit their brand value.

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