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Why Recycle?

Everyday millions and billions of products are manufactured and produced resulting the industries to grow bigger and bigger. As a result of massive production and manufacturing a lot of industrial wastes and raw materials are thrown out in the world. All these things if not disposed properly can be really hazardous and dangerous for the human life. To keep that aspect in mind recycling was introduced i.e. reutilizing the products, wastes or materials in something beneficial. This way not only the environment is protected from getting dirty but also the business of recycling is promoted.


People are now enough educated about why they should promote recycling as a lot of garbage and waste in the world will ultimately destroy all our natural resources. The process of recycling improves the quality of lives we have and also protects the environment as well as natural resources like sea water, trees, gas reservoirs and much more. To save the planet we should always seek for products that can be recycled rather than the ones which cannot be disposed even after years and years of dumping them like plastic bags we use for shopping.

The most effective aspect of recycling is that we can reduce the pollution. The more and more we recycle the garbage the less it will affect our environment. We have a real bad habit of burning the garbage dumps without knowing the fact that the gases which are produced after burning it are damaging the ozone layer and hence increasing the global warming. All these gases even result in instigating diseases like asthma, cough and many more. Similarly when the garbage is thrown in ocean and seas it totally destroys our marine life and pollutes the water which cannot be used later. On the other hand when we recycle, reuse or reproduce plastic and other material products we are saving millions of lives and environment.


As I said earlier that the natural resources can be saved if recycling is promoted. We have no idea that how many trees are cut down daily just to fulfill our wood and paper needs. If we have a sense of responsibility and we rather than burning paper products like notebooks, books and newspaper recycle them we can save a lot of trees from cutting. If we will not think wisely and keep on wasting all these resources a day will come when all of them will be wasted and we will have nothing to survive on. We can save our coming generations from this major loss by recycling.

One most important thing which results in the promotion of recycling is that the opportunities of green jobs are created. Communities which are involved and responsible towards recycling actually promote the jobs which many people can achieve to complete the process of recycling. People are involved from collecting garbage to sorting it out, transporting it to the recycling plant and then in the ultimate process of recycling as well. This way people may feel proud that they are involved in something which is actually saving the earth and also helping them in earning money to live their lives.

Recycling has a great way of affecting and spreading awareness among communities. Schools involved in it will lead some other people to think about it also like organizations. Ultimately the whole state will be well aware of the importance of recycling and this way may be one day the whole country will be promoting and working for it. Recycling also helps in saving the expenses and resources. As a lot of raw material is required to produce plastic, paper or aluminium products. When already used products will be used as raw material again it will definitely reduce the expenses. Even the energy used also reduces and the products manufactured that way are more cost effective and environment friendly.

Earth is giving us a lot of resources to live healthy lives, in return we should be responsible towards it too!

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