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Women have not Yet Gained Recognition in Tech Field as Compared to Men

Women have always been discriminated and have gained less recognition and respect in almost all the fields. But especially when it comes to technology and engineering based jobs women are not given chances of jobs as compared to men. Only 25% of women in United States are working in the field of technology rest 75% are the males. They are even not given the same level of pay and benefits. We have shifted a long way from those traditional secretary jobs for women but still there are gaps and women are subject to discrimination and harassment at the workplace.


Women are actually underestimated and forgotten when it comes to technological world. There is a common perception that women are not intellectually as capable to technologies as the men are. But I don’t agree. One’s intellectual capabilities are not determined just on the basis of gender. We have a history to prove it, as there were five successful women who worked for the first time on programming of the first general purpose computer. People have now forgotten it have labeled the technology jobs to the men only.


Just because of this mere perception there are so many women who quit these fields more often. Science and technology are the fields where still we have a small portion of women working. This misconception makes women conscious of what they say and do. In front of men, they feel hesitant before saying anything as it may not make them look stupid or dumb. This has actually taken away the confidence in women that they can also do whatever they want to irrespective of the fact that they are women.

Women should be encouraged to take part in engineering and technological studies to contribute more effectively in the respective fields. These fields need some fresh and different thinking too. Men have been dominating the field from a long time and hence the ideas and innovations can be considered stagnant. By introducing women new concepts new ways of thinking and a lot more can be improved.

The bias between wages of women and men should also be eliminated. Gender has nothing to do with someone’s capabilities to perform. If women are working side by side men then how can they not get the same wages? Why is the wage discrimination not eliminated?Because men always demand and talk out about their wages.Whereas women feel a bit hesitant while asking for a pay raise or for the sake of their benefits. The reason why employers don’t pay women well is that they do not demand for it the same way as the men do.

Another reason may be that women are different from men in their characteristics and preferences, there may be chances that women themselves are not interested in technology jobs or that they prefer more of counseling, nursing, social work, teaching and jobs like these. In that case we should give women respect and recognition in whatever they choose for themselves. Whether it’s about they want to become technical and engineering experts or they want to become teachers, doctors, pilots or any profession they want to join.

The techno industry should make equal opportunities and benefits for those working for them no matter whatever their gender is. There must be many reasons why women are unable to join the field but the field should not make any discriminations and harassments.

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